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Kings Beach Housing Now Kings Beach, CA

The Kings Beach Housing Now project addresses the urgent need for affordable workforce housing in Kings Beach while helping to protect the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding environment. A unique example of rural infill development, this 77-unit project counters the environmental ills associated with sprawl development by locating quality high-density housing within established communities near employers, transportation, and amenities. The project promotes a healthier environment through green building, design features, and stormwater management. Social services are conveniently offered on-site in partnership with the North Tahoe Family Resource Center. Most importantly, Kings Beach Housing Now replaces substandard workforce housing, creating healthier places for individuals and families to live. 


Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award for Environmental and Economic Partnerships, 2014
California Environmental Protection Agency

Community-Informed Design Award, 2014
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development & The American Institute of Architects

Green Building Super Heroes Award, 2013
U.S. Green Building Council
Gold Nugget Award: Judges Special Award of Excellence - Outstanding Responsive Design Addressing Special Needs, 2013
Pacific Coast Builders Conference
Best in the Basin, 2011
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency